Support for successful prep

Key tools for patients starting CLENPIQ

An educational website for your patients

The CLENPIQ patient site is a useful hub for successful colonoscopy preparation.

The CLENPIQ Journey:
A guide to help support a successful bowel cleanse

CLENPIQ provides support for
every step of the journey.

Guidance for simple-to-follow instructions

Instructions for Use

For colonoscopies, clarity is a priority. The straightforward dosing schedule of CLENPIQ can help support a successful prep.

Watch and learn

This preparation video offers step-by-step instructions for taking CLENPIQ.

Dosing Assistant

This tool generates a dosing schedule based on the date and time of your patient’s colonoscopy appointment.

Additional benefits for you and your patients

The CLENPIQ Experience:
Less can be more

Learn more about the key features of the only low-volume, ready-to-drink bowel prep.

Help eligible patients save
with the
CLENPIQ coupon*

For commercially insured and cash-paying patients.


See the real-world efficacy of CLENPIQ.

*The coupon can be used by commercially insured and cash-paying patients. Download the CLENPIQ coupon and your patients may be eligible to pay as little as $40 if they have commercial insurance, or to take $40 off the cash price. Terms and conditions apply. Healthcare providers may download up to 10 cards at a time. Plus applicable sales tax. Subject to eligibility and maximum benefit allowed.

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